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V2 Cigs


I have to admit that I get spoiled now and again because of these online websites. I get contacted frequently from reps at various electronic cigarette companies desiring to give their products a try and feed them an honest review. Most lately I came in contact with a rep at V2 Cigs, and to put it gently, the customer service at V2 Cigs is marvelous because this fellow really hooked me up. He...



Green Smoke

Green Smoke is a revolutionary new-sprung product that offers an alternative to conventional cigarette smoking. Green Smoke offers an authentic smoking experience that leaves you amazed and decompressed. The Green Smoke electronic cigarette leaves behind no cigarette butt and zero ash. How does it manage that? Well… it’s electric.  That’s correct… an e-cigarette!  We...



South Beach Smoke


It is abundantly clear that South Beach Smoke is one of the leading electronic cigarette companies for its high quality, low prices and great customer service. Their products continuously upgrade as new electronic cigarette technology enters the industry and they have developed their Customer Service Department and social media platform in a way that allows for closer connections, open...



Smoke Tip

SmokeTip electronic cigarettes are every smokers’ dream come true. This revolutionary product is a much healthier option than the regular cigarettes as one can enjoy smoking without inhaling the tar and the smoke. This helps one to get rid of irritants like the issue of teeth turning yellow which is an unavoidable nuisance almost always associated with the regular cigarette. Users find the...



Blu Cigs

Smokers have been always waiting for a product which will help them with all the negative effect of smoking without leaving it. Smokeless Cigarette (e cigarette) entry in the market was like blessing for the smokers. Blu Cigs The numerous health risks involved, the high costs of tobacco products, and the ever-increasing health laws prohibiting smoking in many places, added to the social stigma,...




The EverSmoke electronic cigarette design is great, each color and battery size is sleek and sexy. The colors are really stylish, you can pick between black, stainless steel, and white. Even the basic, conventional white model has a certain elegance about it. They feel very nice when you hold them and smoke. You can get the Standard size, High-Capacity size, or the Mini. These are Lithium Ion...



Premium Ecigarette


Here’s a reason that you would not want to say no to Premium electronic cigarettes. They offer you 19 flavors to choose from! Well, actually, this is just one of the many reasons. There are so many interesting things about Premium e-cigarettes, some of which we will see here. Premium Electronic Cigarette’s Starter Kit You can choose from seven starter kits, the PR110, the PR110 custom...



Electronic Cigarette Inc.

Electronic Cigarettes Inc. is the leading manufacturer and retailer of electronic cigarettes, a revolutionary product in all of United States of America. They are very well known for their stringent quality standards and the utmost importance the firm gives to customer satisfaction and exceptional customer service. Smoking the Smoke away with Electronic Cigarettes Inc. They also provide free...



Metro E cigarette


METRO is an e-cigarette company based in Wheat Ridge, Colorado though it has offices in two other states. The company has been in business since 2008 with its team laden with industry knowledge and retail experience. Although METRO sells premium quality electronic cigarettes, it hopes to do so at a price customers can afford. The company also offers a 12 month warranty on all e-cigarettes sold...





NICOmate was originally incepted 3 years ago when several friends skeptically tried an electronic cigarette as a means of quitting tobacco cigarettes when all other methods (Chantix and NRT’s) failed to do the trick. Over the course of one week they gradually reduced their tobacco consumption to zero! Shortly thereafter they invested in an electronic cigarette manufacturing and research...


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